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OpenTrajectory is an independent IT Consultantcy and managed service provider, established 08-08-08. From home grown products in the entertainment, aviation and travel industries to IT Consulting for MS SQL, Cisco Meraki, AWS (Amazon Web Services), CFML, Lucee, WordPress and more.

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Over a decade of IT experience supporting and building custom software solutions spanning multiple verticals including aviation, travel, legal, music, recreational and entertainment industries.

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Open Trajectory LLC
Coral Springs, FL 33075
P: (954) 324-1704


Managed service provider for businesses who rely on inventory tracking, consistency and compliance for their remote workforce and mobile devices.

Open Key West

The quirky charm of the Florida Keys and Key West is shared to locals and tourists alike at Open Key West. A travel and tourism blog equally focused on entertainment, tourism and travel deals.

Built for the industry specific needs of the visual effects industry. provides end to end shot tracking software that streamlines the artist to producer to final workflow. It fosters efficiencies through all creative units while providing granular to overall project status throughout the digital lifecycle.

IT Consulting

AWS Certified Developer Associate. IT Consulting for MS SQL, Cisco Meraki, AWS (Amazon Web Services), CFML, ColdFusion, Lucee and more.

Sushi Sherpa

You're guide to the world of sushi.


South Florida based photographer and "Power of Art Fellow".

Travel and Entertainment blog covering the full spectru of Floride hobbies, destinations and events.